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Submitted on
July 28, 2009
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1. Names
2. Hardship
3. School
4. Opinion
5. Break Up
6. New Love
7. Alley
8. Riddle
9. You and Me
10. I Do
11. Secret
13. Colors
14. Cruel
15. Kings, Queens, and Jokers
16. Run Free
17. Where are the Crackers?
18. Life
19. R is for Revenge
20. Burning
21. Do You Want To Know?
22. Discovery
23. Birthday
24. Rocks Aren't the Same
25. Shadow
26. Fate
27. Freedom Isn't Free
28. Wildflowers
29. Energy
30. Notes
31. Numbers
32. Dying Fire
33. Breaking Point
34. Fish
35. Trapped
36. Dancing
37. Don't Go
38. Alone
39. Betrayal
40. Due Date
41. Sealed in Blood
42. Impossible
43. Party
44. Sparkle
45. Be a Man
46. Go For a Swim
47. Am I Dreaming?
48. Too Good To Be True
49. BAD
50. 50%
51. Elemental Tempest
52. Too Late
53. But I DIDN'T Do It
54. Hot
55. Optimism
56. Lucky 13
57. I'm In
58. Slightly Disturbed
59. Loathing
60. Worse
61. Speak
62. Toys
63. Ocean
64. Deceived
65. Black and White
66. Whatever
67. Death
68. Jump
69. Broken Promise
70. All the Little Things
71. Six Feet Underground
72. Bug
73. Alibi
74. On Holiday
75. No News
76. Under the Stars
77. Running Away
78. Window
79. Make Me Happy
80. Villain
81. Masquerade
82. Don't Make a Sound
83. Cold
84. Umbrella
85. Please
86. To and From
87. Say When
88. On Top of the World
89. Forgiveness
90. Mr. Mom
91. Doomsday Clock
92. Gold
93. Unstoppable
94. Race
95. Time is Running Short
96. Not Over Yet
97. This is Home
98. Almost
99. Tranquil
100. Peace at Last

There are the 100 themes!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Hey, thank you all so much for the amazing amount of responses I'm getting to this challenge! I really do appreciate all the views, favourites, and comments! But I do have other works in my gallery, so please don't be afraid to check it out! :aww:

So, you all know about the OTHER 100 themes challenge, right? Well, I have made up a new one all on my own, and I'd like everyone on dA to try it.


1. Tell everyone you know about this new challenge [create a link to this deviation in a note or in your journal]
2. You DO NOT have to go in order!!!
3. All of your themes have to do with the same subject [i.e. If your first one is about a cat named Jett, then they all have to have SOMETHING to do with that cat named Jett, even if he's just walking in the background] Look at mine [link below] to see an example.
4. They can be drawings, cosplay, photographs, stories, fanfics, poems, crafts, or any combination of UP TO TWO of the above mentioned.
5. Please tell me if you are going to do this!!!
6. Each theme has to have SOMETHING to do with the title, even if you just say the word once. Every theme is VERY open to interpretation. Do what YOU believe it means.
7. Please fave this and comment if you are going to do the challenge! I may check out your profile every once in a while~
8. Good Luck and Have Fun!
9. Other than those, there are no rules on what you can or cannot do! =D [and feel free to bend the rules a bit if you feel inclined ;)]

Please try this!!!




I've finally gotten around to doing my own challenge! Go here to see what I have so far and to help you get ideas of things you can do :3--> [link] Comment on mine and I'll check out your page and your progress! :heart:

1. Names-- [link]
6. New Love-- [link]
10. I Do-- [link]
23. Birthday-- [link]
25. Shadow-- [link]
30. Notes-- [link]
44. Sparkle-- [link]
46. Go For a Swim-- [link]
50. 50%-- [link]
65. Black and White-- [link]
70. All the Little Things-- [link]
80. Villain-- [link]
81. Masquerade-- [link]
90. Mr. Mom-- [link]
95. Time is Running Short-- [link]
99. Tranquil-- [link]

Dude, I have more pageviews on this than my actual profile xD
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I'm gonna start on the first one right now.
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So just for clarification, the "Names" part of this challenge is drawing a few characters and naming them off right? Just making sure :P
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